FLOOD CATASTROPHE | Kherson, Ukraine

Day camps for children in forgotten tabors | 2021

Food for the poor in times of crisis

Support for self-sufficiency

Food packages for the needy

Christmas action in Transcarpathia

Überschwemmung in Rumänien

Flooding in Romania


Children's camps for orphans | 2019

Heat for widows 2018

Christmas Action 2018

Children of the king

Meeting of widows in Augustdorf

Satchel action 2018

Children's camps for orphans | 2018

Warmth for the widows 2017

Christmas action 2017

Witwentreffen 2017

Action: Chicks for needy families

Humanitarian aid for East Ukraine

Humanitarian aid for East Ukraine

Children's camp for street children and half-orphans | 2017

Christmas action 2016

Current situation in eastern Ukraine

Wärme für die Witwe

Warmth for the widows 2016

Bread of life

Meeting of widows 2015

Waisenkinderfreizeit (Ukraine)

Children's camp for orphans | 2016

Refugees in Armenia (Nagorno-Karabakh)

Humanitarian aid and satchels for eastern Ukraine

Action "Packages for life"

House for Oxana N.

Children's camp for orphans | 2013

Maranatha - Orphans leisure time

Humanitarian aid 2009