widow meeting

Several times a year, we hold widow meetings in various countries, such as Moldova, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Russia.

What is being done:

  • a morning and afternoon service is arranged
    • Testimonies, sermons, songs, personal exchanges, etc.
    • In personal exchanges, they tell about God's guidance in their lives, how wonderfully the Lord carries them, and thus encourage each other
    • they are allowed to pour out their hearts and talk about their problems and difficulties that they have to deal with on their own
  • the brothers pray for widows' children to receive the LORD in their hearts
  • the travel expenses for the widows are taken over
  • As a small consideration there is a small gift for each widow
  • richly set tables are prepared
  • it is ensured that the widows get clothes and shoes (humanitarian aid) for themselves and their children
  • during the services is done with the children of the widows, such as zoo visit, amusement park etc.

Person responsible:

Which target:

  • to fulfill the task where God calls us to visit the widows and orphans
  • giving widows the opportunity to get to know and exchange ideas
  • consoling and encouraging widows through the word of God
  • get to know the widows and their children better and find out where and how we can help them better

Some reports about widow meetings:


first widow meeting


widow meeting


present widows

Some letters of thanks from widows:

A pure and immaculate worship before God, the Father, is the:
Visiting the orphans and widows in their tribulation and keeping themselves unspotted from the world.  
Jak. 1.27