Help on the ground - War in Ukraine

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Humanitarian aid, distressed

It is hard to believe that two months ago people were still living here and did not expect the war to reach them. Without electricity and without water, food is prepared outside today between fire breaks. Very unusual pictures of the city: a cemetery between the skyscrapers. With a small car, the brothers managed to reach the city of Mariupol via dirt roads. There they visited the brothers and sisters in faith.
The Lord gives us the opportunity to support the local brothers and sisters.

Pictures from the city of Mariupol:

Destroyed house of brother Andrei V. near the city of Melitopol.

Elder Pavel D. of the congregation in Mariupol, preaches in the prayer house destroyed by rockets.

Video of the brothers from the city of Chernigov.

Today, the city of Kharkov is severely affected by the war. Many residents of the city of Kharkov seek shelter for weeks in subway stations and basements of high-rise buildings. Svetlana goes there with orphaned children to give comfort to people. Everything she finds somewhere in the city to buy (food), she distributes among the refugees. With her bus (which was donated to her) Svetlana drives through the city to distribute bread and the Gospel to the people.

A letter from the city of Mariupol. The daughter of the widow Lilly K. wrote this letter to her mother.

A rocket that hit the house of Sergey D. (elder of the Kharkov community) did not explode. Behind the wall of the room was the brother's family of six. All of them were spared from the impact of the missile. Thank God.

A year and a half ago, the young family rejoiced over their newborn son Efrem. A gift from heaven. On March 9, the young parents Mihail & Inna I. (both 30 years old) were out of town with their son, a tank shell ended their life here on earth. Little Efrem was not found in the process. Please pray for the relatives. May the Lord comfort them.

A smile on the face of the brother Vassili I (69). He perished while trying to fetch water for the people holding out in the basement. A fatal shot ended his life. Before that, a rocket destroyed their house. Please pray for the suffering people in Ukraine.

Brother Nikolai B. (70) was killed by a bomb near Kharkov. A terrible event. He wanted to save his family from the shelling, but unfortunately perished himself. Please pray for the family.

Transports to Ukraine

The aid service Freundeskreis is committed to alleviating the suffering of many people in Ukraine. The relief trucks bring food, medicine and humanitarian aid to the people, especially in the embattled areas (Kharkov, Sumi, Chernigov, Dnepropetrovsk). Please pray for the needy people in the war zone. Food will also be distributed to refugees in Transcarpathia (Ukraine). The time will be used to conduct street evangelism among refugees in the city of Mukachev (Ukraine). Today many are ready to hear the Word of God.

Update from 01.07.2023

Food for Ukraine

Sunshine or rain, people gather in one place to receive humanitarian aid. They come and wait patiently in line and before the food is distributed, something is read from the Bible. Thanks to many willing brothers and sisters in the faith from Germany, the aid trucks with humanitarian aid, food, medicines and hygiene items have been able to travel towards Ukraine again and again. The victims, who now live in eastern and southern Ukraine, are dependent on outside help. During the last trip in May, more than 12 tons of food could be distributed among the people. May Almighty God bless everyone who prays for the needy and supports them financially.

Update from 04.05.2023

Aid for Ukraine

Not long ago, no one suspected that war would break out in Ukraine. Today it is a cruel reality, especially in Eastern and Southern Ukraine. Through many willing hearts and giving hands, the Relief Service Circle of Friends was allowed to show mercy to the needy in various ways. We are amazed at the blessings of God. For example, in the past year -. 237 Tons of food (Potato, flour, pasta, sugar and much more) - brought to Ukraine. In addition, the cargo of - 300 Tons (Clothing, toiletries, washing machines, windows, etc.) of humanitarian aid. With every distribution of relief supplies, a testimony of God's love is passed on. How many tears of gratitude were shed, how many people were amazed at the love shown to them. May Almighty God continue to move many hearts this year to remember and pray for those in need in Ukraine.

Update from 10.01.2023

Food for Ukraine

Since the beginning of the war, several vans with food and humanitarian aid (clothes, blankets, mattresses and medicines) went to Ukraine. Whether it was Kharkov, Kherson or Donetsk region, the local people received the brought goods with grateful hearts. "There were days when we had nothing to eat", - the people who had to spend some time in the basement told the employees of the relief service. They cried while doing so and found no words to express their gratitude. At each such outreach, the Word of God is proclaimed through the message and singing. Glory to the Lord! The word of the cross of God's saving love and the act of mercy reached the hearts of the suffering. For these poor grandmas and grandpas in Ukraine, one food package is a whole month's sustenance. 

To survive the cold of winter, people need because of daily power outages, Power generator and even simple Candles and Wood stoves, so that in their shelters the children as well as adults do not have to freeze. 

Update from 30.12.2022


"Jesus has brought the light into the world" - a glorious message despite misery and darkness on our earth 

With grateful hearts we look back as a relief service and marvel at how wonderful our God is. Despite the difficult situation in Ukraine, we were able to take the Christmas parcels from Germany to the extreme border of the country, where the situation is quite dangerous and dire, and distribute them among the few children who are there. There, where cannons are shooting and death is omnipresent, children and adults could hear about the love of Jesus.

Update from 22.10.2022

Donation from Germany

Thanks to the donation from Germany, the brothers and sisters from the congregation of Smela (Ukraine) travel to the war zone to distribute food to the needy and to give testimony about the love of God.

Update from 21.10.2022

The desire for peace

The desire for peace, for a life without fear, without destruction, remains for the time being only a dream in many regions of Ukraine. Destroyed houses, abandoned home, uncertain future, without work, without money. The employees of the  Hilfsdienst - Freundeskreis are looking for ways to help such people in their emergency situation. Thanks to the support of many giving hands, transporters from Germany are allowed to travel towards Ukraine again and again. The relief supplies, especially food, are in greater demand today than ever before. We witness people crying while distributing the relief goods and searching for words to express gratitude.

The goal of such actions is to bring the Gospel, the message of salvation, close to people's hearts. Such trips are always connected with great danger. Please pray for God's guidance and protection, and peace for Ukraine.

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