No. 577

Widower Anatoli V. (8 children)

"Our mummy is in heaven",- said little Filipp (3 years old) quite convincingly and pointed to the portrait of his mummy hanging on the wall. It is already more than a year ago when sister Tatjana (36 years) suddenly died in hospital shortly after the birth of her eighth child. The children were crying bitterly and it seemed as if there was no comfort to be found anywhere. "How can life go on without mummy? What are we going to do now?" They were confronted with questions like these from that moment on. Now after a year they understand that life goes on. They have to go to school, like to go to church and are happy when they go to visit their grandparents in the neighbouring town. Brother Anatoli and his children thank for the intercession and support from Germany: Elina (15 years), Anetta (13 years), Artur (11 years), Nelli (9 years), Melina (7 years), Darina (5 years), Filipp (3 years), Rudolf (1 year and 2 months).

Project details
Country: Russia
Category: widows
Project no.: 577