No. 1170

Widow Natalia O. from Ukraine

The widow Natalia (38) does not have it easy with her four small children. For a year the family lives without a father. After a serious illness (head tumor) he went to eternity. Often the children ask, especially when the weather is gloomy outside: "Where is our dad, when will he come back to us? We want to have him with us. "The widow hardly finds an answer to these heartbreaking questions. How can she teach the children that the father is doing better than us here on earth ?!

They live and feed on the yield and sale of the garden and in the colder seasons of the small child support, which is barely sufficient to get the bare essentials for survival. In the autumn of last year, the water well collapsed, leaving the widow without drinking water. She had to go begging for someone to come and repair the well. Since then, the widow Natalia has debts that she is unable to pay. May God make our hearts pray for and support them.

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Country: Ukraine
Category: widows
Project no.: 1170