Christmas special 2019

No. 1325
action, distressed
Israel, Moldova, Ukraine

Christmas without presents, without a warm blanket - does that still exist today? Can we in Germany imagine such a thing?

Many children are looking forward to Christmas, where presents are diligently selected and bought. Often children in Germany can choose which present they will receive for Christmas.

unfortunately, many children in the world cannot experience christmas like this. hunger and cold are the terrible companions of christmas. they have little to eat. a new toy, like a car or a doll, is a dream for them.

For several years now, "Hilfsdienst - Freundeskreis" has been committed to helping children in need. Thanks to the numerous participants, a total of over 48,000 children have been made happy with Christmas parcels in recent years. Seeing this indescribable joy among the children always moves the heart to tears.

Therefore, with your help we want to bring joy to thousands of children in Ukraine, Moldavia and Romania with Christmas parcels.

We offer everyone who has a heart for the need and suffering of such children the opportunity to participate in the "Joy for children in need" campaign.