Orphans and children's camps in 2019


Little Ilona keeps asking her mum how many more times she has to sleep until the time comes when she can go to the children's camp with her brothers and sisters. The girl jumps up in the air full of joy when her mother answers: "Soon it will be time!" Just like little Ilona, many children look forward to the upcoming leisure time. 

In recent years, it has always been amazing to see how the children who had to miss their mom or dad were happy and joyful at the camps, and each time they were delighted with the richly laid table, the handicraft lessons, the campfire and the many games. For the children who are disadvantaged in their lives from a human point of view, the promise that God promised in His Word applies: "A father of the orphans, an advocate of the widows, is God who dwells in His Shrine" Ps 68:6 

The mother of eight, a widow, said to the staff of the relief service full of gratitude that she had never experienced such a wonderful free time with her children. Crying, she added: "God has imposed something heavy on me and it is hard to understand why HE has allowed this suffering in my life, but through you, dear friends, I was refreshed and it was like a dream for me and my children!

We would like to pray together for the blessing for the upcoming camps. May God put many more on their hearts to see this need and to support the work with a willing gift. By the grace of God, the children's camps are planned for more than 800 orphans and half-orphans this year.

Project 1300