Warmth for the widows

No. 904
action, widows
Moldova, Ukraine

...and he arose and went to Zarpat; and when he came to the gate of the city, behold, there was a widow there gathering wood...
1. kings 17,10a

Centuries have passed since this encounter of the Prophet with a widow, but again and again widows in poor countries, such as Moldova and Ukraine, have great concerns:

"Where can I, as a widow, find wood? How will we survive the cold seasons?" Procuring wood is not a job for women. The wood must be bought first, which is not easy for a widow on a low income.

A cubic meter of wood costs up to 45 euros in Moldova and a ton of coal over 200 euros in Ukraine, and about 4 tons of charcoal are needed in one winter.

A widow in Moldova tried to survive the winter with what had grown in her orchard. she took a saw, climbed up an apple tree and started sawing. when she was finished with the apple tree, she started sawing the cherry tree, then a walnut tree and so on. when the wood was used up and she was forced to saw down one of her precious fruit trees again, the unexpected help came from Germany: the brothers brought wood for her, which the woman received with tears of joy and gratitude.

Dear friends, Christmas is approaching and the message of the angels is resounding: "Glory to God in the highest and peace on earth, among men of His good pleasure" (Luk. 2,14) This is how we have to meet this feast: to make peace on earth and be pleasing to men. If the Lord Jesus is our peace, then it is good and pleasing to think of the poor and needy, so let us also celebrate Christmas and let us not forget the widows and orphans."

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