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No. 1465
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It is amazing what a great pleasure a used school bag can bring. Five years ago, the schoolbag campaign was launched by the Freundeskreis relief service. Thousands of children were able to experience an indescribable joy when they received this unforgettable gift. For many poor widow families with many children in Ukraine, Moldova and Romania, it is often difficult to make ends meet with the little money they have. That is why the used schoolbags and backpacks are a special and valuable gift for them. We have been told that the children walk around with the satchel on their backs for joy, often all day long, even when there is no school. 

We would like to collect good used satchels and give them to poor children this year as well. There are only three steps: Donate, collect, give away - and your satchel will get a new life in another country. 

You are welcome to fill the satchel (also bags and rucksacks) with school supplies (exercise books, pens, etc.). Let us do good together so that the children have a chance to get out of poverty with a good education.