House fire with family Romanchuk

No. 743
patient, distressed

the Romanchuk family (8 children) gathered in their little house (37m²) in the evening to read the bible together. the father was a little late that day, so the children looked out of the window in joyful anticipation and waited for the father. outside it was already dawning, it was snowing heavily and the cold wind was stirring up the snowflakes so much that it was hard to see the way. they put more wood in the stove; it became warm and very cosy. suddenly an unusual smell spread through the house and penetrated every room. the mother hurried into the kitchen to see what had happened. she saw how the wall of the stove was glowing and the smoke was filling the whole room. meanwhile the children opened the window to air the house. at that moment the fire got a draught and the whole room went up in flames. hurriedly the mother tried to get the children to safety, but because she had to go through the fire, she suffered severe burns
Katja (41), mother of eight children, has been suffering from cancer for some time now and urgently needs a medical examination, which could not be financed until now due to financial hardship, and even now, after her severe burns, she had to go home after a few days' stay in the local hospital and be treated with home medicine.

PS: The house is no longer habitable and all household goods such as furniture, clothes, etc. were destroyed by the fire. The poor family, who also lived very modestly until the fire (the father had been without work for some time), now stands without anything and was divided up among the brothers and sisters in faith during this time. At the urgent request of the relatives, the sick and injured mother was immediately taken to a clinic in Kiev, where she was examined and treated. Please pray for the affected family, for the comfort and recovery of the poor mother.

Project 743