No. 1375

Widow Tatiana A.

for the widow tatjana it seems that there is no longer any support. it is hard to stand at the grave of the beloved husband and family father and to understand that this is the last farewell here on earth. five years ago they fled with their children from the war zone of eastern ukraine. when it all began, they had to seek shelter from the exploding projectiles in the cellar of their little house for a few nights. after that they left everything in a hurry to get to safety. brothers and sisters in faith from a small parish near the city of melitopol, took the family in and provided them with a small apartment in the prayer house. there they were allowed to live and worship god together. the children attend school and children's classes, but this terrible event left deep traces in their souls. then father anton fell ill and at the age of 50 (on 29.01.2020) he died after a heart attack. 

Please pray for comfort for the widow Tatjana and her five children.

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Land: Ukraine
Kategorie: widows
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