Witwentreffen in Odessa (Ukraine)

15 widow meetings in 2016

Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus

MWith grateful hearts, we look back to the great blessing that God has generously given at every widow's meeting. In 2016, a total of 15 widow meetings were held in different countries, such as Moldova, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Russia.

A total of 1104 widows were able to attend such meetings. The widows were delighted, despite the difficult situation in which they live. Each time many thank-you-tears flowed. This overwhelming sense of Jesus' love, and Heavenly Father has never left them alone, makes their hearts joyful and grateful, even in difficult and seemingly hopeless situations.

Also this year, further widow meetings are planned, on which the widows eagerly wait. Such gatherings involve many costs. Because most widows, who come from different parts of the country and often have to drive several hundred kilometers, live in distress, travel expenses are covered and small presents prepared for them. At each meeting, a richly set table is prepared and widows are provided with clothes and shoes (humanitarian aid) for themselves and their children.

Dear brothers and sisters, we are called to share the gifts that God has given us with the widows. May God still open many hearts, with a small gift to support this ministry of the widows.

"But God can do that all grace be abundant among you, so that you always have full satisfaction in all things and are still rich in every good work."
2nd Cor. 9.8