Widow Viktoria B.

No. 1663
distressed, widows

"Dear friends, since this terrible war broke out and I lost my dear husband, many people, including brothers and sisters in faith, have left our area with their families in fear for their lives. But our days are all with the Lord! Where can we hide from His face? Nowhere! Praise be to our Lord and Almighty God, who is always and everywhere in control of everything! This war is also under his control, and our hairs are all counted, and not a single one will fall without his will! Only this I hope, and he who hopes in the Lord shall not be put to shame! The question is, if all were to leave, who will tell people about God? There are not enough seats in our prayer house, because many people gather for every service to hear the Word of God. Praise be to the Lord, only HE is our refuge and protection! When I read the Bible, the Word of Almighty God, I am strengthened! I want to stay here with my children, but every night it is getting louder and louder and more and more scary. Despite this, there is peace in my soul and I am certainly in full trust in my Heavenly Father! There is no hiding place from God, in any other city or country! And if God prolongs life, then He also has the power to protect us from all evil here! Now I have peace in my heart and I am not afraid! Thank God! Thank you for your prayers! God is our protection! We are all in his hands! All the best!" Viktoria Bobu (abridged)

Update from 30.12.2022

Visiting the widow

Her husband Artem, father of 3 small children was murdered shortly after the war broke out. He was traveling with his car and never came home. After 45 days, his body was found, the car was missing. The apartment where the family used to live was destroyed by the war and is no longer habitable.

The widow is happy about the visit from Germany and thanks warmly for the support. The children are happy about the Christmas parcels.

The destroyed apartment
Update from 24.05.2023

A car is donated for the widow

Despite the warlike situation in eastern Ukraine, the widow remains there with her children. The testimony of God's love comforts and carries her in this difficult time. She thanks for the financial help from Germany and Canada and is happy about the gift, a car from Germany.

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