No. 1176

Widow Vera G.

The children of the widow Vera (39) were delighted when they got guests from Germany. The community and the little treats filled their hearts again with comfort and hope.

Crying together, pray together, that is the service of charity. For the children, it's hard to believe that dear dad will not come home, will not take them on their laps and give them a good night kiss anymore. That's why the eyes of orphaned children are often so sad. The young widow said to the children, "If you will be obedient, then we will see our dad in heaven."  With this comfort the children have to live today.

It is our concern that the widow and her eight children move to their parents. There is a community where children's lessons are performed and there is an orchestra. All this is missing the children in the small community where they live now. A lot of money is needed for the move so that the widow can buy a house in the town of Kurganinsk. Please pray for this request.

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Country: Russia
Category: widows
Project no.: 1176