No. 1291
Familienfoto mit den Vater

Widow Vera C.

Four years ago, even before the war broke out in eastern Ukraine, life was quite normal for the Chigunov family from the Lugansk region: family, children, brothers and sisters in faith, friends, their own house with a garden, their workplace - everything went on routinely. But one day, their lives changed abruptly. For fear of the bullets that left a lot of damage in their neighbourhood, the family sought shelter in an earth cellar. For a month, they hoped that the war would finally come to an end. But for fear of further escalation, they finally had to flee, leaving behind their entire existence that they had built up over the years. They left eastern Ukraine and found shelter in Belarus. 

A year ago, the father of the family was diagnosed with cancer, and one year later he died of the serious illness, leaving behind his wife Vera and five children.

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Country: Belarus
Category: widows
Project no.: 1291