Widow Olga D.

No. 1061

Who can replace the loss of a loved one? Who can ease the suffering when the sad pictures keep coming back to memory? Only God can do it! HE can relieve the pain and comfort us in our suffering. Only He can always assist a widow and give joy to orphaned children, despite all their difficulties.

The widow Olga (35) and her two small daughters, Inna (5) and Elina (3), have been mourning their husband and father Sergei for eight months. But through tears she finds comfort and joy. When the brothers visited her, she cried a lot again. But after praying together she could smile again. Here is God's promise:

"You will be sad; but your sadness shall be turned into joy. " Joh. 16,20b

Please pray for the young widow Olga that she and her children are comforted and that the financial difficulties can be resolved.

Addendum dated February 7, 2022

Widow Olga D. and her two little daughters Inna and Elina have been living without her husband and father Sergei for three years. He passed into eternity at the age of 34. The family lives in Kyrgyzstan in a house for free rent. The house was made available to her because the owners had moved. Unfortunately, there are frequent water and power outages. They have a large garden behind their house, where they have planted various types of fruit and vegetables (e.g. raspberries, potatoes). Olga works at home and sews women's blazers to order. She gets 70 to 90 som (less than one euro) for a blazer. If there is a good order, she can sew up to 10 blazers. Working hours are from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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