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Widow Natalia F.

No. 1493

Little Maria (9) consoles her mother with the words: "Our dad is well in heaven". Natalia was in despair after the death of her husband, today she finds comfort in prayer and in the hope that this separation is only for a short time. She testifies that it is very difficult to have to say goodbye to a loved one so suddenly. It all started with a high fever. After three weeks of hospitalization and artificial coma, the Lord took the father of the large family, Pavel (48) to the eternal home. The children: Lyuba (22), Vera (20), Nadja (18), Katja (16), Polina (13), Olesja (12), Sweta (10), Maria (9), Iwan (6), Ksenia (4) and Egor (1) mourn very much for their beloved dad. 

Please pray for the widow Natalia and her children.

Food parcels for widows
Widower Mikhail N.