No. 1558

Widow Lydia I.

A heartbreaking picture: the crying woman with her six small children at the father's coffin. Six months passed since the medical suspicions that the father of the family had cancer were confirmed. The brother Vasiliy (36) was a cheerful person and always eager to serve the community. For several years the whole family lived in the far north as missionaries. Out of love for the northern peoples, they accepted the circumstances and hardships to bring the saving message of Jesus Christ to the lost people. The Lord richly blessed the family's efforts. In March 2021, the Lord took him to eternity after his severe suffering. 

Please pray for comfort for the young widow Lydia (30) and her children: Benjamin (10), Timofei (8), Violetta (7), David (5), Daniel (3), Philip (5 months).

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Country: Russia
Category: widows
Project no.: 1558