Widow Elena D.

No. 1060

A heartbreaking image of a group of children sitting at their father's coffin. It is difficult to understand how to proceed without the beloved father. The eldest son, Pavel, just turned 12 years old. On the shoulders of the poor widow Elena (47) there is now a difficult task: she now has to take care of her small children alone, to comfort her and, despite all the financial difficulties, to provide her without murmuring and to lead her to God. The children take their farewell farewell to their beloved father here on earth with deep sobs. It will not be easy - the half-orphans can not imagine their future without a father.

Please pray for the orphans and widows. Especially for the family. May God give the widow Elena and her children much strength and comfort. Let us pray together for the widow and support her financially.

Children: Pavel (12), Ljuba (11), Masha (9), Dima (7), Anna (5), Nadja (5), Matfej (2)

Supplement dated 19.01.2018

Purchase of a dairy cow

"Mama, what will we drink from now on?" Paul (13) crying asked his mother when he came home from school and learned that the cow was sold. The widow Elena (47) tried to comfort the children, she said that the cow was seriously ill and had to be slaughtered urgently. Ever since then, every child has prayed that God will give them a new cow. A year ago, God took the father of this family after a serious illness in his eternal home. From then on, the heavy farm work lay on the shoulders of Paul's eldest son, who was barely twelve at the time. He had to milk and feed the cow early in the morning before he went to school. They also have a pig and several chickens in their dilapidated stable (a wall has partially crashed). The fatalities led to the widow Elena, mother of seven children, suffering from thyroid cancer. Since then, the small children had to take over the entire farm work. It's hard to understand why this family has to endure so much suffering. The children: Paul (13), Ljuba (12), Masha (10), Dima (8), Anna (6), Nadja (6) and Matfej (3) implore God for her mother's health.

The donation recently built a new stable. The visit from Germany in January, was the answer to the prayers of the children. There was enough money to buy a new cow (10,9053 som, equivalent to 1,300 euros - an unimaginable amount for the widow). The health of the widow Elena causes her great concern. May God comfort her health and her children. Please pray for the widow and her children.

Addendum from 02/08/2022

Widow Lena D. and her seven children have been living without her husband and father for four years. In May 2021, brothers from Germany were able to visit the widow in Kyrgyzstan. 

Three months ago, the only cow that served as the family's main source of food had to be slaughtered due to illness. Thanks to the donation, a cow could be bought. The blows of fate led to the mother of the seven children suffering from thyroid cancer. She is dependent on medicines that are beyond her means of paying. The eldest son Paul (16) is a very hardworking boy. He is self-employed, always gets up early in the morning and takes care of the farm work. One of the daily tasks of the widow's second son, Danik (11), is that he has to milk the cow three times a day. He learned that when he was 9 years old. Little Matfej is helping to feed the chickens and calves (see pictures).

May God give the widow Elena and her children much strength and comfort. Let's pray together for the widow.

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