No. 808
Witwe Anna Ilieva

Widow Anna I.

on 13.04.2016 a heartbreaking message from the Ukraine, village Vinogradowka, reached the aid committee. the father of a family of fourteen suddenly and unexpectedly (heart attack) went to eternity at the age of 54 years. the funeral service, which took place two days later, left no one in the village indifferent. young and old came together to offer their condolences to the family with many children. despite the great sadness, one could hear the voices of the children singing and telling good things about their father. it was a powerful testimony to the neighbors as the believers said goodbye to their beloved. the children and the mother thanked God with tears for the wonderful time they had had with their husband and father.

Please pray for the family, that God will comfort the family and help them in any financial difficulties.

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Country: Ukraine
Category: widows
Project no.: 808