Widow Anna A.

No. 1521

"Mommy, I want Daddy so much as a present for Christmas." - said little Stephan (6). After the father of the family, Oleg (31), suddenly died, the children ask many questions almost every day: "How is it in heaven? Is our dad really okay? Does he see us? Why do we go to the cemetery, our dad is in heaven?" These questions are heartbreaking for the young widow Anna (29). No one suspected it could come so soon. The expectation of the fourth child gave the whole family great joy. But then came this unexpected farewell. The children at the coffin; siblings, relatives, friends - everything was like a dream for Anna. This is a difficult time for the mother of three young children. Many challenges come her way. Only through many prayers, as the young widow testified to us, God gives her the strength to go on living. Please pray for Anna and her children Stephen (6), Sofia (4), Matfej (2) and the child expected in January.

Project 1521