No. 1700

Christmas campaign 2022

The weak flickering light casts its shadows on the dark walls. The little candle fights the darkness and it seems that it does not succeed. With a fixed gaze, little Sonja looks at the dim light and softly sings the song "Milostj twoja, Milostj twoja... (translated: Grace! Your grace!)". Her weak voice becomes louder and louder.

Outside it is dark, cold and even very dangerous. Little Sonja knows the sleepless nights, where from falling bullets the earth shakes and the windows break. The girl does not understand why the war had to come to her town.... Why do she and her two siblings have to seek shelter in the basement every time the sirens wail, day or night?!

Christmas is grace! Despite cold, darkness and war. God became man to bring peace, joy and the light to the world. God is love. Love is against envy, hatred and war. This Christmas, together with you, we would like to bring joy to many children in Ukraine through the action "Joy for Children in Need". We offer everyone who has a heart for the need and suffering of such children the opportunity to participate. 

"Give what you have, and you will be given so abundantly that you will not be able to take it all in. By the standard you apply to others, you will be measured." (Bible: Luke 6:38)

Despite the anxious situation that has shaped our lives in recent times, we would like to take a look at the children who are doing particularly badly today. "Give, and it shall be given you; a good measure, pressed down and shaken and overflowing, shall be poured into your bosom." - says Jesus Christ (according to Luk. 6,38)  "The more joy we bring to other people, the more joy returns to our own hearts." (German proverb)

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Project no.: 1700