No. 1600

Christmas campaign 2021

"I would like to share everything with my mom", - said little Julanka (7) with sad eyes, - "unfortunately I can't do that anymore". The little girl lives with her brother Ludwig (10) in Transcarpathia. The two have been orphans for three months. Her seriously ill mother was relieved of her suffering after eight years of hopeless illness. The fate of the two children is quite uncertain, but despite the poverty and grief of these and many other children, we would like to bring them joy with a Christmas gift. The eyes of the children who received a Christmas package from Germany last Christmas shone with happiness and joy. You can't forget those eyes. 

Despite the anxious situation that has shaped our lives in recent times, we would like to take a look at the children who are doing particularly badly today. "Give, and it shall be given you; a good measure, pressed down and shaken and overflowing, shall be poured into your bosom." - says Jesus Christ (according to Luk. 6,38)  "The more joy we bring to other people, the more joy returns to our own hearts." (German proverb)

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Project no.: 1600