Christmas special 2020

No. 1510
action, distressed
Moldova, Ukraine

To receive a Christmas parcel as a present is a big dream for little Daniel, who has never heard of Christmas in his life. Daniel is nine years old and lives in a Roma settlement in the Ukraine. Since his birth he has suffered from paralysis of the feet and cannot walk or run. He likes to spend his time outside and watch the other children play. He tries to crawl on all fours in order to have community with the other children.

Daniel has seven other siblings who help him when he needs something. Two months ago there was an accident where he accidentally dropped a pot of boiling water on himself. Due to the lack of medical care in the country and the great poverty among the Roma people, Daniel had to suffer much pain.

It is precisely those children who have to cope with their childhood in poverty and need that we would like to make happy together. "The secret of happiness is not in possession but in giving. He who makes others happy, becomes happy."

In spite of the worried situation that characterises our lives in these recent times, we would like to take a look at the children who are particularly badly off today. Giving will make us happy. "Give, and it shall be given you; a good measure, pressed down and shaken and overflowing, shall be poured into your bosom." - says Jesus Christ (according to Luk. 6,38)

Project 1510