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Christmas action 2017

Thank you thank you!" - the children shouted with joy when they received such beautiful parcels from Germany for the first time in their lives. It's amazing what a big joy such a small package can do.

The bright eyes of children, the smile on their faces, showed great admiration and genuine joy. The children were impatient and immediately tried to open the parcels. The joy and rejoicing were even greater when they saw the content!

Thank God and the honor that HE has moved so many hearts of people in Germany, a joy for the children in the Eastern Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus to prepare. Overall, the Christmas action "Joy for Children in Need" has allowed more than 5,000 Christmas
parcels are collected in Germany. Even siblings from Canada have collected parcels and sent them to Germany.

It was amazing how differently the children responded to the gifts. In a children's home, little Mischa jumped back and forth full of joy and wanted to show everyone what he had received. He was happy about every little thing, about sweets, chocolate and toys.

Again and again we can say thankfully that God has given us grace and his escort. Many thanks to all who participated in this action! May God abundantly repay it to everyone!