Christmas without father

No. 1351
orphans, widows
Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus

Christmas without Daddy? little samuel hugs his mother, the childlike eyes are sad again when he asks her: "when are we going to see our daddy again? i miss him so much." his eyes fill with tears, although he can hardly remember him. four years have passed since he said goodbye to his father. little samuel was just a few months old. his older siblings have the advantage over him that they can still remember the father. what a wonderful time it was: when the whole family was waiting for the father to come home from work, the beautiful table fellowship, laughing, playing, going for a walk - the time with daddy was just wonderful and everybody was happy! then came the joyful christmas days, full of excitement and wonderful moments: the christmas story, christmas carols, the presents - it was so beautiful! since the father is no longer there, the mother tries to comfort the children and herself that he is in heaven. one thing that is, the father is not there anymore. one thing is for sure: the father is in heaven.

dear friends, soon the beautiful contemplative advent and christmas time will come again. giving presents to each other makes the days even more beautiful and solemn. may god bless us with it. but on these days let us also think of the needy; of the poor, of widows and orphans. of those who are lonely and sad at christmas. of those widows who often do not know where to turn to with their financial problems. of the children who will not get a present at christmas. 

together we would like to support widows and orphans in their plight. as in the years before, we would like to give them food as presents. for this purpose we ask for financial support to realize the project "christmas without father". the almighty will bless every gift of the heart abundantly.

Project 1351