Water saves lives

No. 1590

Give poor people access to clean and living water!

Although clean water is the basis of life for every human being, many people in other countries have difficult access to it. Due to a lack of water, simple hygiene rules cannot be observed. The consequences of this are many diseases, which are often life-threatening. The reason for this is the lack of water pipes to the remote settlements, villages and tabors. Often women and even little girls have to travel a distance to get a bucket of clean water for drinking, cooking and washing. 

We would like to make it possible especially for widows to have access to clean and fresh water. The goal is, on behalf of God, to have boreholes drilled in such localities and to build wells with a pump. So that every widow and every poor child gets enough water to live. With this project we want to reach the people with the good news of Jesus Christ. 

Mikola & Eva are parents of 10 children. The family lived in a Tabor (a Roma settlement in Transcarpathia) in very poor conditions. As they are Christians it was very difficult for them to live there in the Tabor. There were constant fights, they were threatened, there was theft and thieves even tore the roof of their house to get firewood. It was completely impossible to continue living there with their children. God gave grace that 2 years ago the family could move to a house outside of Tabor. The family has been supported several times with humanitarian aid such as food packages, a washing machine, financial support or with beautiful school bags from Germany for the children. Since Mikola had to walk a long distance to a water well up to 20 times a day to supply the family and the horses, it was our wish to build an own water well for the family on their farm. Thank God this could be realized quickly and in the summer of 2020 the water well was dug. The joy of the family is indescribable🙏🏼 The house in which the family now lives is in need of renovation, the roof is leaking and the walls are broken. Let us pray for this family and support them materially if possible.

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