Orphan children's free time in Ukraine


DThe life of an orphan is fraught with many difficulties. One often does not feel understood by fellow human beings. The desire of many orphans is very strong for a person who embraces them like their father, takes them on their laps and encourages them. Orphans need special paternal love. Especially affected are teenage boys. At one meeting, a widow said to us crying, "Over time, I have learned to deal with many of the difficulties that exist in a widow's life, to cope on a daily basis, to provide food and clothing; but again and again I realize how much my children would give for hugging someone and giving them kind words. "

Orphans' camp (Ukraine)

In order to show this love to the orphans, the staff of the relief committee plan a free time for orphans each year. This year, it was planned to hold a free time only for boys who grow up without paternal love and care.

From March 27 to April 2, there was a free time for orphans and half-orphans in Ukraine. There were about 40 boys, from different family relationships, each with his unusual fate, were brought together. In some, the father or mother has an accident, others have no more of the two parents. The main task of the people in charge was to show the children that they have a heavenly Father who is more loving than any earthly father can ever be. God has abundantly blessed this free time. The boys played together, sang, went boating and much more. You could clearly see how happy they were. God honor for that!

PS: With God's help, we would like to have a free time for the orphans in Moldova. This time, the free time will take place from the 31st of July to the 6th of August. Please pray for the orphans and co-workers for God's special blessing and blessings on this free time.