Orphans fled

No. 1688

When the airport in the city of Dnepropetrovsk was bombed since the beginning of the war, the children of the orphanage had to endure several weeks in the basement without electricity and water. The wailing of sirens terrified the orphans. Then the decision was made to evacuate the entire children's home (74 children and their educators). They were taken to a safe place in western Ukraine in shelter. The children's longing for love and security is unimaginable. Like the little girl Ella (6) dreams of seeing her father in heaven. She is not afraid to pray to God in the presence of other children. Her childish wish is to have enough delicious food in heaven. There is great joy among the children every time they are visited by the aid workers. The state food supply is meager, so the children and the educators are very happy about the brought food from Germany. The support bears its fruit. During each visit, the children learn to pray to God, to ask for forgiveness and to trust in Him.

On June 2, 2022, we were able to start with the Employees of the relief service visit the children's home for the first time.

Update 13.04.2023 - Visit with children's lesson

Again we were able to visit the children's home and conduct children's hour with the children, where they were allowed to hear from God's word. Of course, handicrafts and painting were not to be missed. Afterwards there were sweets and gifts for the children.

Update 20.02.2023 - Food packages for children's home

The orphans and educators are very happy and thank you very much for the food packages and gifts from Germany.

Update 05.01.2023 - Christmas promotion

With grateful hearts we look back as a service and marvel at how wonderful our God is. Shortly after the New Year, a larger group from several parishes was allowed to travel to Transcarpathia to participate in the Christmas campaign there. Everyone was able to give a little light and a little warmth to those in need. Through the Christmas campaign, more than 3,000 packages were able to gladden the hearts of children. Many thanks for the numerous participation in the Christmas campaign.  May the Lord cause the Word that has been spread to flourish. Please pray for the people of Ukraine!

Update 28.11.2022 - Great joy about shoes

For the orphans it is always something very special when visitors from Germany come and spend time with them. The children love to listen to the biblical stories of Tanja E.. Since shoes and clothes are always needed in a children's home, they were brought from Germany and distributed to the children after the children's hour. The joy is indescribable!

Update 01.11.2022 - Doing good together

In the community of Augustdorf, food was collected for the children's home in Transcarpathia with the campaign "Doing good together" at Thanksgiving.

The children's home thanks you very much for the food. Thank you to all who participated in this action. A small donation turned into a big help. Glory to the Lord for this!

Update 29.09.2022 - Bicycles for orphans

With great joy, the orphans receive the employees of the relief service, who roll into the courtyard with two vans. The children are very grateful for the gifts from Germany, especially for the bicycles. Unfortunately, the bicycles were not enough for all the children. However, the educators make sure that every child can use the bicycles.

Update 06.08.2022 - Food and children's lesson

Arriving at the children's home, the orphans listen attentively to Tanja Enns' program. The children understand the message of forgiveness. They are very happy about the visit. At the end, there was food for the residents of the home.

Easter joy for children in need
Widow Irina I.