No. 520

Orphan Diana

"Will you come again?" Asks little Diana (4 y.) In a trembling voice as the friends of the Circle of Friends leave the house where she lives with her grandmother. At first she was barely approachable and hid behind her grandmother. The traumatic experiences have left terrible consequences in their lives. The granny told us in tears of what they experienced.   

It was already dawn when little Diana with her parents and her paternal grandmother were out of the city of Charzisk. The hot spot throughout the area pushed the family out of the city to flee. Suddenly they saw a tank rolling toward them. Little Diana remembers well that she said to her mother, "Mom, look, there's a big ship on the road!" Suddenly it cracked and became very bright, like a bolt from the sky. The big force threw the car a few meters from the road. From that moment Diana can not remember anything. Later, eyewitnesses reported that the car was hit by the tank. It's a big miracle that the little girl stayed alive. All other inmates (father, mother, sister and grandmother) were killed.  

The little girl is very scared and shy of anyone approaching her. Some time passed before our visit, until she dared to accept the Christmas parcel from Germany. Her left hand can not lift her because of splintered bones. Immediately after her rescue, the girl got an operation, but because of poor medical care, nothing was done in this case. The unbelieving granny thanked her warmly for the help and asked us to pray for her and little Diana.

supplement from 27.05.2015:

Since the tank attack, in which the whole family (father, mother, sister and grandmother) of the little Diana was killed and she herself by miracles remained alive (Report: Circle of Friends 40), she lives as an orphan at her paternal grandmother in the city of Charzisk (Donetsk region). She has been visited several times by the staff of the relief committee. Each time she gives the guests from Germany more confidence. After her terrible experiences she was deeply traumatized and very anxious. Often she even cried in her sleep and found no peace. Through many prayers that have risen for little Diana, one can now observe how her behavior has changed in the meantime. She was really happy about the gifts from Germany. Every Sunday she attends church services with her grandmother. There she found friends of her age with whom she likes to play. Every time she waits impatiently for the next Sunday, she prays childishly the prayer "Our Father" in the hope that the terrible war will end soon.

Please pray for little Diana and her grandma. Unfortunately we have not been able to bring little Diana to Germany for a medical examination. She still does not have a passport, which makes entry impossible.

supplement from 10.12.2015:

The little Diana is very happy about the visit. In the meantime, she knows Brother Ruslan well, who has come to her several times and brought gifts from Germany. Unfortunately, the situation in Eastern Ukraine does not calm down. Therefore, there was still no way Diana as it was planned to bring to Germany for investigations and subsequent operations. The problem is that the people living in the new self-proclaimed republics today, encircled from all sides, are having great difficulty getting in and out. Even more problematic is getting the necessary documents.

Please pray for this request that the little Diana with her grandmother gets the opportunity to enter Germany.

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