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Orphan Andri

No. 1554
distressed, orphans

Little Andri (5) can't understand why his mother is lying there quietly and no longer responds to his calls. He doesn't understand why so many people are suddenly coming together. He is amazed when they put his mother in a wooden box and bury her in the ground.

Little Andri has suffered from foot paralysis since birth, he cannot walk. He spent his life with his mother in a small wooden hut on the ground. His mother Angela (46) lived without God, in alcohol addiction. This life led her to live in terrible poverty. She did try to sew clothes and live off the proceeds, but sadly she cared little for her son.

In the fall, a vacant house was renovated for her. Shortly before her death, Angela gave her life to the Lord. Little Andri has been living with his aunt ever since. Because of the lack of medical care at Tabor, little could be done to help the mother and nothing is done with little Andri.

This is not an extraordinary story (orphan Andri Pr. 1554) of a Roma child. In order to improve the situation in the field of child care, we would like to launch the project "Mobile Medical Assistance Service". The local doctors declare themselves ready to take over medical help. In order to carry out this mobile help, an ambulance was bought. This will enable the ambulance to travel to the far away Tabors to take care of the sick children there. Please pray for this great project.

The ambulance will soon be wired to Ukraine. The brother Dr. Orest K. is the person responsible for this service.

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