Warmth for widows

No. 1525
Ukraine, Moldova, Russia

The days are getting shorter and the cold winter is just around the corner. For a widow with small children, surviving in cold winter days is a great challenge. Often, like in old times, she goes with her children into the forest in the hope of gathering enough wood for the coming day. It is good if someone shows mercy and brings firewood for her with his horse. The joy is indescribable, the children get down on their knees, the widow cries, so much can a gift - firewood - do. A fully loaded truck with wood costs about 350 Euros in Ukraine, similarly in Moldova or Belarus. For a widow an impossibility. We would like to join you in bringing joy to widows and their children. Through this act of mercy God is glorified! 

May the Lord put this request on our hearts that we do not look indifferently on the plight of a widow. 

For the LORD your God, He is the God of lords, the great and mighty and fearsome God, who will judge the fatherless and the widow, and love the stranger, giving him food and clothing.

Genesis 10.17-18