Warmth for the widows

No. 1107
action, widows
Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus

The little Alena is waiting with great longing for the coming winter. She is looking forward to the snow and especially to Christmas. She imagines how her father will lovingly distribute the Christmas presents in the family and how she will open the Christmas package together with her seven siblings. Her eyes sparkle at these thoughts, but suddenly her face is sad again and her big eyes are filled with tears - Alena has no dad anymore, he died when she was little. The short anticipation has disappeared again. She folds her hands and prays to God ....

In Moldova, the hometown of little Alena, had a lot of snow last year and it was very cold. That's why her mother is very worried about how she will survive the coming winter with her children. To heat the house is a great challenge for the widowed widow. To feed the family, she has to go to work. She earns about 70 Euro - that's just enough to survive, for the most necessary 

Food and medicine. Thanks to life in the village, the family feeds on their own garden (growing fruits and vegetables, breeding ducks and chickens). Since there is very little forest in Moldova, the firewood is much appreciated and is quite expensive. The houses are therefore heated only scanty and it often happens that just poor families have to freeze on such cold days. In many houses there is a tiled stove in one room, which transfers the heat to the neighboring rooms. Because the house is only heated once a day, the children have to freeze in the morning. Four cubic meters of firewood (1 cubic meter costs about 35 euros in Moldova) can become a great Christmas present for a poor widow family.

The situation in the contested areas of eastern Ukraine looks even thinner. In the Donetsk region, where many coal mines are destroyed, costs a Ton of coal converted about 60 euros, To heat a house over the winter, you usually need three to five tons of coal. For a widow with many children from this region, it is financially impossible to buy the required amount of coal to keep her house warm.  

Dear friends, As last winter, we want to give you the warmth and love again together with you with the project "Warmth for widows", the poor widows and orphans. Often we do not know how much joy can be brought into the homes of widowed families if they get a little wood or coal. God grant it abundantly to everyone! To give warmth to widows and orphans on such cold days is a true sign of love!

Project 1107