Heat for widows 2019

No. 1240
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Ukraine, Moldova

As the days get shorter and the evenings longer, you can feel the dark side of winter. For a widow with children, this means a very unpleasant condition with many serious consequences. The house gets cold and wet because of the lack of heating material when the outside temperatures drop. As a result, the children are often ill and weakened. The prices for the heating material are rising rapidly. The affected families are often unable to buy even very little wood. 

How much joy and indescribable happiness does it mean for a widow and her children to get only a small range of wood? The children jump for joy, clean up the wood diligently. They stand on their knees and thank God and the donors. A widow, mother of twelve children, said crying while praying: - "Dear Lord, I do not deserve to receive such care from completely unknown people". Such pictures touch the heart deeply.  

How often do we have other problems during the Christmas season? Again and again comes the question: "What should we give our loved ones?" Often we spend a lot of time to find a suitable gift. And unfortunately, our gifts are only a brief temporary pleasure. Maybe it should be different this Christmas? Let us make a gift for those who suffer hardships. Perhaps in our family circles, we refrain from the mutual, often not necessarily required gifts and give warmth to those who are in particular needy ... 

The Bible delivers the words of Jesus to us: Giving is more blessed than taking! A fixed truth of a happy life. Who of us does not want to be happy and happy at Christmas? 

It is possible to give a gift of warmth and security to widows and orphans. Heating means for Christmas - does not it sound a bit weird? But we can hardly imagine how many thanks and tears of joy such a gift causes. May God grant us His grace to be a merciful Samaritan at Christmas. 

One m³ firewood in Ukraine costs about EUR 30,00 (about the same as in Moldova and Belarus).