Letter of thanksProject

Heat for widows 2018

Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus

"Dear Jesus, you see that we only have wood for two days and Mama says that we have no money to buy wood", - the little boy prayed. He spoke to God in full consciousness so He helps them in this situation. His trust was amazingly great that God the Heavenly Father, father of widows and orphans will keep his promise. And a short while later, the great miracle happened: a truck laden with wood came to the poor family's farm. The little boy did not trust his eyes, such a miracle!

Dear friends, thanks to your donation, this miracle has happened to many poor families in Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus. Many prayers of thanks have risen and tears of joy flowed. Thanks to your sacrifice, many needy could feel warmth. Whether it was wood or coal, your donation was pleasing to God. A widow said with gratitude, "How about the world without you, our loves? Thank God He has put it to your heart to do this work. "Jesus calls us to show love for our neighbor.

Truly I say to you, what you have done to my least brother, you have done to me. Mt 25,40

May God abundantly repay it to all those who have participated in this project "Warmth for Widows" at His Grace.