Support for self-sufficiency

"Mommy look, another little chick is hatching!" - little Alena is happy as she looks into the homemade incubator. A chick with its pointed beak is just making its way through the eggshell into the open air. Alena and her siblings are looking at this miracle with great enthusiasm. 

A mother told how her children hurry into the stable every morning after waking up to pet the little kids and feed the chicks. 

Others enjoy rabbits, small piglets or calves. Livestock breeding is a source of food for many people in the East. It is a great help which enables the families to feed themselves. Through God's grace, many widows have been helped with this project. The widows call it a great answer to prayer! They and their children are grateful for this extraordinary support. 

On the pictures you can see the happy children who like to work in the garden with plants and enjoy feeding the chicks, goats and piglets.

Project 1381