Letter of thanks

Flooding in Romania

A letter of thanks from the local brothers:

one week after the devastating flood in rachita we want to thank you very much. the village is now accessible by car again and the houses have been cleared of water and mud. altogether about 60 households - some of them very badly - have been affected. a number of the houses cannot be rebuilt. thanks to the donations we and our young people were able to provide all affected people with water, food and water every day. furthermore, from donated clothes the boxes for the needs of each family were packed and distributed.

now the phase of reconstruction begins. once again we want to visit all houses and families to determine the concrete need. together with the local administration and the local church, concrete individual help for repairing or rebuilding the houses - or where necessary also for resettlement - will then be offered. this will be covered - if at all - only minimally by state aid.

Thank you very much for all the prayers. Thank you for all the aid transports that have arrived here, and especially for all the donations that we have already received. Without this accompaniment, the help here on site would not be possible!

May God reward you abundantly.

Project 1301