Severely disabled mother Etela

No. 1532
patient, distressed

"I want to go to God" - said the severely disabled woman to the staff of the Circle of Friends. The single mother has suffered for eight years from a rare serious disease that leads to complete physical paralysis. She was abandoned by her husband. Since she is now dependent on a wheelchair, her little daughter Julanka (7), has to run the entire household. The little girl fetches water several times a day from the well, which is 400m away. She has to cook, wash and heat the stove. Everything lies on her children's shoulders. The eldest son Ludwig (9) has a mental disability and is not able to do any work. A year ago their little wooden hut burned down completely, so that they had to sleep under the open sky that night. Thanks to the willing hearts, a small house (36 sqm) was built for them, in which there is still no kitchen, no sink, no bathtub or toilet. 

The children like to attend the services and on Sunday 07.02.21 the mother was carried to the service. There she expressed her desire to give her life to the Lord. She repented and rejoices that the Lord has forgiven her sins. 

After consulting with the specialists, we were told that any medical help was too late in this case. Please pray for the badly affected mother and her children.