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Satchel action 2018

Ukraine, Moldova

Mascha is happy that she is finally allowed to go to school. Unfortunately, she has been unable to walk or speak since the serious accident one year ago (Project 1053). The doctors gave her then little hope to live. It's a miracle that health today is uphill instead of a serious disability. Mascha is now finally due to the accident, a year late to go to school and learn.

This desire "to grow up fast and go to school" have many children -  especially in poor countries. How great is the joy when, surprisingly, on the very day of school enrollment, they receive this valuable gift from the far away Germany: a full schoolbag with various school supplies.

Thanks to the many willing hearts of children and their parents from Germany, who were willing to donate their satchels, more than 800 satchels and school bags could be collected this year.   

The border guards marveled at the cargo. They were surprised that something like that still exists today. Often, people who do good deeds think that they become rich or famous. In this case, it is only voluntary work, out of love for one's neighbor. (The Second Commandment of Jesus - Gospel Matthew 5:43)

Thanks to many hard-working hands, the satchels could even be taken to the war zone of Eastern Ukraine. The children living there, who had to experience the trauma of war every day, still want to go to school. Since the relief service staff could only transport the satchels to the front line, the children and their parents had to walk to the border to collect their valuable gifts. Despite hours of waiting (queues at the checkpoint), they were happy and happy to have come this way.

At the borders, despite all peace agreements, heavy military regulations prevail. Therefore today it is impossible to bring any humanitarian aid to Donetsk or Lugansk. Unfortunately, not all children had the opportunity to pick up a satchel, such as the children Sascha and Anja, who live near Donetsk, but could not come themselves because their mother is severely handicapped and has to sit in a wheelchair. In 2015, when she went to the barn in the evening to milk the cow, a rocket exploded nearby. By God's grace, she survived this attack, but now has to live with the grave consequences. She has been paralyzed ever since and can not walk anymore. For these children, satchels were brought by other children. Since then, the mother, despite her severe health, attends church services and has made the decision to be baptized.

"Multumesc frumos" (Romanian) - "Thank you" (German) - repeated the children with loud voices in a village in Moldova, when they got the satchels. Immediately these were opened and the joy was huge, about every little thing they found in it.

It's amazing how a small used schoolbag can bring so much joy to children. No matter in which country, whether in Ukraine, Moldova or Belarus: the reaction of joy was the same everywhere!

Many thanks to all who supported the project "Schulranzenaktion"! God repays it abundantly to everyone - parents and children.

We can not do big things, just little ones with great love. It's not about how much you do, but how much love you do.