Widow Galina P.


"Mommy, please don't cry, our daddy is in heaven, he's much better off than we can imagine here!" - Lilli said as she came into the house and saw her mother get up from her knees with a tear-stained face. "Yes I know," she replied, "but I am worried about you, my dear children. We are very badly off at the moment, but God will help us."  

It is already a month ago when the tragic accident happened in which Wanja Pekni, father of 13 children, died. It was on a sunny day when he and his sons were busy unloading wood when a large piece of wood hit his head and he died from the serious injury. Vanya ran a carpentry business in the village. With it he could feed his family.

The widow Galina puts all her trust in God. The widow's great desire is that none of the children be disappointed in God through these difficulties. The children are happy to help with the care of the cattle (they own two cows). A piece of land belonging to the family is currently being sown with potatoes, corn and other seeds. 

Please pray for the widow Galina and her children: Timo (17), Peter (16), Grisha (15), Lesja (14), Lilli (13), Mariana (11), Polina (9), Matfej (7), Olena (6), Stepan (5), Alina (3), Julia (2), Sofia (7 months). 

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