Poor girl

Food for every day (help for self-help)

Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine

People need food every day. We cannot live without food. Statistics show that every day about 8000 children die of hunger worldwide. It is terrible that today there are still people who have little or nothing to eat. For us people in the West this is almost unthinkable - but for many it is a daily reality. One group of people who feel it the most are widows and orphans. Circumstances, economic situation, illness or the loss of a spouse, often lead to the widows having a hard life with their children. It is not only in Africa that children dream of having enough food. Also in many countries of the CIS states, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, many people fight daily for their existence.

During the Corona crisis we started the project "Food for every day - help for self-help", where the widows receive money by bank transfer to be able to provide themselves with the necessary supplies now in spring. The widows are helped to sow their garden by buying seeds of different fruits and vegetables to feed themselves healthy. They also need food for the animals they breed to get fresh eggs and good meat. Today, despite quarantine, we are allowed to send parcels with food and clothing by mail to the needy. May the Lord fill your hearts with mercy and compassion to show a little love to the poor in their need.

Here you can see some pictures of the widows who have already been helped (pictures are updated regularly):

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