Food packages for the needy

action, widows

on a grey winter day, the food parcels, which were packed with much love by the brothers and sisters in germany, were distributed among the poor and needy. one of the places visited was the garbage dump. people, mainly children, live here today below the poverty line. these children and adults were very happy and grateful for such valuable gifts. afterwards, widows were visited in various places and given food parcels. during each visit, there was singing and praying for the affected people. to experience this is unforgettable, with what gratitude, often with tears in their eyes, the parcels are received. 

With God's help we have been able to distribute food parcels worth over 10,000 euros among the needy. At the moment several pallets of fully packed food parcels are ready to be loaded just before the shipment. Please pray for this project; for God's blessing for the journey, the border crossing and the distribution.

Project 1354