Buying chicks - help for self-help

No. 1381
action, distressed
Moldova, Ukraine

many countries, such as Ukraine or Moldavia, are not doing so well economically today. the most affected group who feel this are the widows. it is not easy to run the household without the husband and father of the family. the worries about daily food and clothing are on the shoulders of a weak widow. here we are allowed to offer help to help themselves. in this case it is a great help for the widows if they get chicks with food in spring. such a gift is a great joy, but at the same time a good occupation for the children. with this action the family is provided with the daily fresh egg and later also with good meat.  

a chick with food costs about 5 euros. with little expense we can help a widow with her children a lot. god bless everyone who takes part in this action! 

Project 1381