Letter of thanksProject

Children's free time for orphans 2018

Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Armenia

"Will we play today? Oh, well, then we'll have another campfire? And what about crafts and hiking now? " - with these questions the children, the employees from Germany, surprised already in the early morning. Jesus Christ, while still on earth, said to his disciples: "... become like children!" Mt. 18: 3

God expects us humans to be like children in matters of faith: Glad, simple and honest! and just like the children, look forward to many little things in our lives.
With great gratitude we look, Auxiliary service - circle of friends, on the summer - childrens holidays, for the orphans back. Such retreats, as they were allowed to take place in recent years, God the glory! - found a support in many willing hearts. The camps were a special asset to children in different countries. It is always amazing to see how the children, who had to do without their dad or mom, were happy and happy. For the children, who are disadvantaged in their lives from a human point of view, the summer camps have become a place of comfort. A richly set table, play, sing and tinker, the joy of the children was indescribable. The promise that God has promised in his Word to care for them holds good for them.

With God's help, we plan to give this year's joy to the orphans again this year. Dear siblings, please pray for this project. The dates for the camps are on our website service - circle of friends. God bless you!