No. 1699

Children of war

Visit to a children's home

Five months ago a children's home fled from the city of Dnepropetrovsk. Seventy-five children, together with their educators, were hastily evacuated during the shelling of the city. Today they have found refuge in Transcarpathia. We were allowed to meet the children and carry out the program with them.

Little Marina from Kharkiv

In a hospital in Kiev we visited the girl Marina (6) with her mother Natasha. The girl was seriously injured by a missile together with her mother. In the process, her leg was amputated. The mother also has to learn to walk again.

Visit to Eastern Ukraine Kharkiv

We, as employees of the Circle of Friends, were allowed to visit the destroyed district of Kharkiv. The misery is great... Hard to believe that something like this happens today. Svetlana goes with orphaned children to the people who need help today and tells them the message of Jesus Christ. Very simple and without any special talent - the listeners take it to heart. Everything she finds somewhere in the city to buy (food), she distributes among the refugees. With her bus (which was donated to her) Svetlana drives through the city to distribute bread and the Gospel to the people.

The children of war play with an unusual toy.
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Country: Ukraine
Category: distressed
Project no.: 1699