Humanitarian aid and satchels for eastern Ukraine

eIt was a quiet morning hour, the blue sky promised to be a beautiful day. It was interesting to see the little children on a hill trying to ride their bikes down a gravel road. Behind the children ran her faithful friend, a small dog, again and again. At the roadside, the women sat exhausted and talked quietly. Their faces showed that they had a heavy burden on them. This seemingly quiet life suddenly interrupted again the noisy sounds that spread fear and terror. There was loud shouting, everyone was looking for shelter, and immediately the street became empty. Suddenly the war returned, the area was again bombarded.

This is the daily picture of the towns and villages that lie on the front line. Many are traumatized and wonder in horror, how long they have to endure? When will this insane war finally come to an end?

Despite all the signed agreements, the end of the conflict is not yet in sight. The crisis in Ukraine threatens to become a "frozen conflict". Although the Western media over  Unfortunately, the fact that Eastern Ukraine hardly mentions one word does not mean that peace and quiet have returned there.

As Christians, we can counteract this injustice by prayer that the righteous God restricts this human hatred. We pray that the people concerned will seek true peace that is not negotiated on a paper, but that will enter people's hearts.

Already since last summer, it was very important to us, as this conflict broke out, to give joy to the innocently suffering children. Children who have had to experience flight, hunger and suffering. It was a special concern of the Relief Committee to help such children, to exemplify the love of Jesus and to help them to overcome their fears and sadness. For this purpose, a vacant recreational facility was used, which is located in the forest, about 70 km from the front line. There could be brought together over 300 children from the war zone.

It was wonderful to see how the children laughed again. It is difficult to describe how her eyes shone with joy. The children could play undisturbed, tinker, sing and hear the exciting stories from the Bible every night. The delicious pizza, which was brought from Germany thanks to the donation, was a special experience. The children enjoyed them every day and night.  This plan to give children the opportunity to forget the war for a short time blessed God in a wonderful way.

We were able to bring food and clothing to the people who were sent refugees along the front line. The inserts were accompanied with music and songs. But the main purpose of these missions was to convey to the people the message of the true Prince of Peace. Jesus Christ came into the world to live the love of God for people. The people listened attentively to the message, cried and were very grateful that there are still people who are not indifferent to the fate of these many people in Eastern Ukraine.

With this action we could reach about 2,000 people.

In total, 10 trucks have been sent to the war zone in the past 6 months. Two of them were large tractor-trailers with frozen pizza from the Dr. Ing. Oetker, which was intended for hungry people in the Donetsk region.

The satchel campaign found broad support among many siblings in Germany: In a short time almost 600 fully filled schoolbags were collected. The joy of the children and their parents was limitless. In the war zone it is not possible today to properly prepare the children for school. The people there are happy that the schools have even opened the doors on 1 September.

Other transporters of relief supplies and food parcels for eastern Ukraine are also planned. Please pray for the staff of the Relief Committee, as any transport crossing the front line is exposed to particular hazards. Here we need special support in prayer. May the Almighty repay anyone who has supported this hard work with prayer and offerings.