Humanitarian aid for East Ukraine

Humanitarian aid

God gave his blessing on all 31 transports of the relief committee. The last transport had as destination again the country Ukraine and task was to reach as far as possible the needy, suffering from this conflict.

According to the UNO report (which has more than 700 observers in the area), peace has been broken more than 30,000 times this year alone. It comes almost daily to firefight. This affects many innocent people who have contributed nothing to this conflict.

And finally it was time - the overloaded truck (lorry) passed the military bases. The heavily armed soldiers accompanied with curiosity the rare transport in this area.

Indescribable joy brought this charge of food and clothing to the people living there, especially to our brothers and sisters.

"How did you manage to come here?" - asked the people who live along the front line and experience the horrors of the war up close, quite astonished. "Are not you afraid? It's so dangerous here! "

Only by the grace of God and under his protection could this journey take place. Hundreds of people were able to hear the good news of Jesus Christ in distributing relief supplies. Many cried - the word of true peace was like balm for the fading souls.

Thanks to the many eager siblings from the community in Minden it was possible to carry out this transport. The food parcels could be distributed among the faithful on both sides of the front line. There was no less danger here, as the many large families had to cross the Lugansk and Donetsk front lines to bring the parcels over the military bases. Many thanksgiving prayers for this great help rose. May God abundantly repay it to the needy for the act of love!

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