House fire in Tomsk

No. 980

Mama here comes smoke, "the voice came from the nursery. The mother immediately ran there. When she opened the door, the fire broke out. The black smoke and the rising fire spread throughout the house in no time at all. The mother screamed for the children and tried to rescue everyone from the burning house. Soon the whole attic was on fire. Immediately the fire department was alerted. In this panic nobody noticed at first that the little 5 year old Waldemar was missing. The father ran back into the house, but it was already too late: on his loud call, the little Waldemar did not announce himself. The heavy smoke from the burning plastic blocked access to the loft. Nobody - not even the newly arrived fire department - was able to save the little boy from the burning house.

The grief of the Busaev family is very big. Everyone cried bitterly. All household goods were destroyed by fire and extinguishing water. The parents, Alexander and Natalia, are both orphans and have no relatives. Please pray for this hard-hit family. May God make our hearts help them in their great need.

supplement from 16.09.2017:

The family Alexander and Natalia Busaev (10 children) from Tomsk sincerely thank everyone for the prayers and financial support. Thanks to the great help they received, the house, which fell victim to fire in the spring of 2017, was rebuilt.

They are very happy and thankful, despite the hard time they had to go through. Her 5-year-old son Waldemar died in the house fire. God gave them comfort and strength in their suffering.

It was a tremendous testimony to the inhabitants of Tomsk that so many volunteers came and rebuilt the house. To the Lord be the honor!

Project 980