Paralyzed Masha (6) urgently needs an operation

No. 1053

The little Mascha K. from Bikin is a very diligent and gifted girl, with her six years she has already learned to read and sing. She diligently practiced a beautiful song, which she wanted to perform in the church on Sunday. But when she had gone to see her grandma the day before with her mother, something terrible happened: she crossed the street in a hurry as a fast-moving vehicle hit her and hurled her more than 15 yards away. She was immediately taken to a hospital 300 miles away, where she spent 40 days in a coma. The doctors gave her a very low chance of survival.

It was a great joy for everyone when little Masha opened her eyes for the first time. Unfortunately, the recovery is progressing very slowly.

Today, Masha can no longer sing, walk or even eat. She is paralyzed and urgently needs further medical treatment. Such a treatment, which gives the doctors hope that the girl will be able to walk again, costs in a private clinic 300,000 to 600,000 rubles (about 6,000 to 10,000 euros). So much money does not have the relatives of the little Masha. But they firmly believe in it and are confident that God will do wonders. They ask for financial support. The Lord bless you!