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Flood disaster in Swisttal – Spengler family

We would also like to help the families affected by the flood disaster in Germany. Especially our families with many children. We put the information about the emergency situation of the Spengler family in here. All donations will be passed on to the families. If more donation is received than necessary, the donation will be given to other families of the flood disasters.

So now, whenever we have the opportunity, let us do good to all, but especially to those of the household of the faith

Galatians 6:10

A letter from the Spengler / Peters family:

Dear friends, relatives, and everyone who just wants to help:

We would like to offer the opportunity to provide quick and uncomplicated help to the family of Albert and Evelin Spengler from Swisttal.

Here is the situation in brief:

As with many people in West Germany, the Family of 11 Spengler was surprised by the floods of the rapidly rising Swistbach. Thank God the family was evacuated in time. However, the family could not secure their belongings in time because the water came quickly and suddenly. The water rose to about 1 meter on the ground floor.

The house can currently not be used again, the basement is still completely under water.

Unfortunately, the family had no home insurance.

At that time, the insurance company had rejected elementary damage insurance with reference to the adjacent Swistbach. The amount of the total damage is currently not foreseeable.

We, and especially the Spengler family themselves, would be grateful for quick and direct help.


Matthew and Sigrid Peters
Brother-in-law and sister-in-law of those affected.

Updated 07/17/2021 by Matthew Peters

Dear donors, we would like to make a short update:

1. The family is very grateful and touched by the help that is coming from so many people. We know that it is absolutely not a matter of course, the current emergency situation has simply affected many people, sometimes to a much greater extent than the Spengler family, the images from the media are shocking. May God reward everyone who helps in such a situation through prayer, active work, loan/gift of equipment, material and tools, but of course also monetary donations.
2. The extent of the damage is currently becoming clearer. In principle, the shell of the building must be completely renovated from the basement to the ground floor. Among other things
– The floors have to be torn out and relaid.
– The screed is cracked and needs to be renewed.
– The floor heating needs to be renewed.
– The windows in the basement are destroyed and need to be replaced.
– some other damage cannot yet be fully foreseen.
– Albert estimates the total damage at around €100,000. That's why we set the fundraising goal high.
3. There were inquiries about donations in kind: These are always welcome, for better coordination I will forward the inquiries to Evelin. The family currently has little/no storage options, as the focus is on the renovation work. Evelin will contact you if necessary.

4. There were also inquiries as to whether donations could be made in a different way than on this platform. I will try to find a way with you if that is your wish. Please write here under "Contact".

5. There will be at least one more update with a short message from the family and photos. Please understand that you cannot respond to everything immediately.

Thank you very much,
Matthew Peters

Updated 07/18/2021 by Matthew Peters

Dear donors, at this point a short update:

1. Thanks for any help!
Thank you very much for the help that has already been provided. Over €24,000 has already been donated through this site, it's just amazing. In addition, at least €5000 has been donated in other ways. It's not the proverbial drop of water in the bucket, it's so much more! It was hardly to be expected that so much help would come.
There was also a lot of practical help that cannot be weighed with money: Pumps could be organized within a very short time, the floor on the ground floor could already be removed, plus about 1/4 of the screed. The latter needs to be completely redone in the basement and on the ground floor.
Many people have offered donations in kind in the form of furniture, clothing or toys, for which we are very grateful. The need is currently covered by your help, or this form of help can no longer be accepted because the storage capacities are simply not available. More on that in point 2.
There were also many people who just helped in prayer or sent comforting messages, thank you for that too. That's valuable. The family is now just 'surviving', there is no end to work, it will take time for them to really process what happened to them. I have been told that a person wants to postpone the sale of their property in Lohmar so that their family can stay there temporarily. Unfortunately, the family had to decline this offer for practical reasons, but it shows how helpful many people are.

2. Current situation and prayer requests
The house is currently uninhabitable. The family lives with their parents in Hennef, but this is only a short-term solution. Albert will soon have to go back to work and the holidays in North Rhine-Westphalia only last until August 17th. By then, at the latest, many of the children will have to go back to school. Due to the necessary renovation (as of today), the house will be habitable in 2 months at the earliest.
Although the water in the basement has now been pumped out, more is still flowing in. This problem could improve with good weather conditions. A current danger, in addition to deteriorating weather conditions, is the unstable situation at the Steinbachtalsperre, where a dam rupture cannot be ruled out. There is still no all-clear here.
I mentioned some damage last time, here are some quick additions:
Large parts of the heating, sanitary facilities and electricity have to be renewed. Someone has offered to dry the building, but there is the difficulty of getting to the device quickly. To do this, all the windows, especially in the basement, have to be replaced.
Albert took a lot of photographs part-time, but also worked creatively on a voluntary basis for Christian publishers. He was able to save some of his devices and IT, some cameras, lenses, hard drives (parts of his archives!) etc. were in the basement and were under water. -> Are there any experts among you who are familiar with the rescue of electronic data?
Overall, the damage is in the six-digit range. Despite their own savings and generous help from all of you, the family is facing major challenges in the near future.

3. Miscellaneous
We are grateful that we can experience so much sympathy and generosity from so many people. As the organizer of the donation, I see that many Christian brothers and sisters are doing great things. May our Lord Jesus Christ richly reward everyone for their good deeds.

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